Galaxy Line Policies and Procedures

Section 1. Code of Ethics

1.1. As an Independent Business owner, I will:

conduct myself and my business in a professional, ethical, moral, and legal manner, always being respectful of each and every person I meet;

represent Galaxy line products and Galaxy line income opportunity truthfully and accurately;

provide ongoing support and active encouragement to other Independent Business owners , both within and outside of my own organization;

honor my obligation to protect Galaxy line confidential information, including the contact information of other E/P/IBOs and Galaxy line customers; and

abide by all of the Galaxy line Policies and Procedures, as currently in effect and as may be amended by Galaxy line from time to time.

1.2 As an Independent business owner in Galaxy Line, I will NOT:

engage in any activity that would reflect poorly on Galaxy line or me, including but not limited to any deceptive, misrepresentative, unlawful, or unethical business or recruiting practice, using any high-pressure recruiting or selling technique, or making any unauthorized or exaggerated claim about Galaxy Line products or the Galaxy Line income opportunity;

entice or encourage any existing Galaxy Line E/P/IBO or customer to join my team from another team under any circumstance, directly or indirectly, and I will not attempt to gain any advantage over any other E/P/IBO by claiming or implying that I am able to obtain any special treatment from Galaxy Line

disparage Galaxy Line or its products, Compensation Plan, management team, employees, affiliates or other E/P/IBO, or the competition or their products, compensation plans, management teams, employees, affiliates or independent distributors;

attempt to manipulate the Galaxy Line Compensation Plan in any way, including but not limited to enrolling a customer or another E/P/IBO who has little or no interest in Galaxy line, primarily to qualify for a bonus or other compensation, or by enrolling or encouraging others to enroll with multiple Positions and/or selling Galaxy line products through unauthorized channels; or

attempt in any way, directly or indirectly, to violate or circumvent these Galaxy line Policies and Procedures.

Section 2. Your Relationship with Galaxy Line

2.1 Becoming a IBO. An IBO is someone who wishes to purchase Galaxy Line products at wholesale prices, but does not wish to participate in the Compensation Plan. You become an IBO when your Membership Application and Agreement is received and accepted by Galaxy Line , and you have paid the applicable membership fee. As an IBO, you may purchase Galaxy Line products only for personal or family use and may not purchase more than you can reasonably consume in one month. Preferred Customers are not eligible to participate in the Compensation Plan and may not resell products or make purchases to help others resell products.

An IBO may choose to participate in the Compensation Plan at any time, and still be eligible to purchase Galaxy Line products at wholesale prices as a consumer, by becoming an Executive or professional IBO as provided in Section 2.2.

2.2 Becoming an Executive or professional IBO To become an E.IBO, PIBO, you must: (1) meet and satisfy the eligibility requirements set forth in Section 2.3; (2) sign and submit a properly completed Membership Application and Agreement; (3) pay a products fees or collect the CVs which makes you eligible to become an Executive IBO or Professional IBO . Galaxy Line reserves the right to refuse any application. By becoming an IBO.

2.3 Eligibility Requirements. To be eligible to become an Executive IBO or Professional IBO, you must: (1) be of legal age (at least 18 ) and legally competent to enter into a binding contract in the jurisdiction in which you reside; (2) be a citizen or taxpaying resident of a country in which Galaxy Line is officially open for business; (3) provide a complete, legible, unaltered, and valid application, including valid contact information and (if required) a valid government-issued tax identification number; and (4) already have an interest in a Position in the Compensation Plan.

2.4 Accurate Information. You may not enroll or help anyone else enroll with false, inaccurate, misleading, or incomplete information. It is your responsibility to inform Galaxy Line of any changes to your information. Galaxy Line will not be responsible for delays and possible loss or forfeiture of commissions or bonuses that would otherwise be payable to individuals who have provided false, inaccurate, misleading, or incomplete information to Galaxy Line. Galaxy Line reserves the right to terminate any Position that is being operated by any person other than the person named on the account.

2.5 No More than one Position with four tracking centers. it is not allowed for any independent business owner executive or professional IBO to have more than the mentioned number of tracking centers as in 2.5.

2.6 Business Entities and Charities. You may operate your Position as a business entity or charity, or convert your existing individual account to a business entity, if you provide: (1) an employer identification number (“EIN”); (2) your own valid government-issued tax identification number; and (3) any other information requested by Galaxy Line to verify the existence, ownership, and good standing of the business entity. Galaxy Line reserves the right to refuse any application.

Note: Your personal identification is used for internal tracking purposes, but once an EIN is provided, reporting for tax purposes will be directed to that EIN. No Member may use this provision to circumvent Section 2.5 allowing no more than one Position per person.

2.7 Independent Contractor Status. As an E/P/IBO, you are an independent contractor. You are not an employee, agent, partner, or franchisee of, nor are you a party to a joint venture with Galaxy Line. You are not agreeing to purchase a franchise or distributorship, and there are no exclusive territories granted to any E/P/IBO. You are also not acquiring any interest in a security. You have no authority to incur any debt, expense, or obligation on behalf of Galaxy Line. As an independent contractor, you are responsible for your own expenses and any applicable taxes (including self-employment taxes and any applicable income taxes). You are also responsible for providing your own place of business, determining your own work hours, supplying your own equipment and supplies, and obtaining all applicable licenses and complying with all legal and regulatory requirements that apply to you. You agree that you will not represent yourself as anything other than an Independent Business owner at Galaxy Line. If your Membership Application and Agreement is terminated for any reason, you understand and agree that, as an independent contractor, you are not entitled to receive workers’ compensation or other employment-related benefits and you agree that you will not assert such claims.

2.8 Annual Renewal. Your Membership Application and Agreement must be renewed annually by paying the applicable renewal fee. If you fail to renew, whether intentionally or not, you may forfeit your commissionable volume and other benefits associated with your membership.

Section 3. Understanding Your Galaxy Line Position

3.1 Placement of Your Galaxy line Position. When you enroll as an IBO with Galaxy Line, you will occupy a Position in accordance with the Compensation Plan. The person who enrolled you with Galaxy Line is your Enrolling Sponsor; the person who occupies the Position immediately above you is your Placement Sponsor (the Enrolling Sponsor and the Placement Sponsor may be the same person). Galaxy Line will generally recognize the Enrolling Sponsor and Placement Sponsor designated on your Membership Application and Agreement, but reserves the right to re-designate either sponsor in the event of a dispute. Although An IBO are also assigned Positions for tracking purposes, they are not eligible to earn compensation unless they convert to Associate status, as described in Sections 2.2 and 2.3.

3.2 Change of Sponsorship or Placement. To protect the integrity of the Compensation Plan and to discourage unethical cross-recruiting practices, Galaxy Line does not allow sponsorship or placement changes, except in limited circumstances. Any request to change sponsorship or placement must be expressly approved by Galaxy Line.

3.3 Modifying or Selling Your Position. Galaxy Line reserves the right to approve or disapprove any modification you propose to make to your Position. Before we can approve such a change you must submit a written statement outlining the proposed modification and the reasons for the modification. You may sell your Position if: (a) ) you submit a written notice to Galaxy Line specifying the proposed and (B) Galaxy Line approves the sale in writing. Galaxy Line may approve or disapprove of any proposed sale.

3.4 Voluntary Cancellation of Your Position. You may cancel your Position: (a) at any time by signing and submitting a written request to Galaxy Line, or (b) following any anniversary of your enrollment date, by failing or choosing not to pay your annual renewal fee when it is due. Note: Once your Position has been cancelled, you may not reenroll or have a financial interest in another Position except in accordance with the reenrollment policy as provided in Section 3.5. To voluntarily cancel your Position, you must sign and submit a Voluntary Request to Galaxy line, or send us a written request, including your printed name, Associate ID number, phone number, email address, and signature (to help us prevent third parties from cancelling your account without your knowledge). Cancellations will be considered effective when a legitimate request is received by Galaxy line. Cancellation notices may be E-mailed to:

you may not encourage anyone who is already enrolled in Galaxy Line to cancel his or her Position or move to another organization, even if you tell them to do so in accordance with this policy, and even if you were the one who enrolled that person in your previous marketing organization. Galaxy Line reserves the right to take corrective action, up to and including monetary fines and termination of all involved Positions, including against the Enrolling Sponsor in the new marketing organization, if Galaxy Line determines, in its reasonable discretion, that there is a pattern of reenrollment requests or attempts to move from one marketing organization to another due to direct or indirect coaching or other forms of encouragement. Galaxy Line further reserves the right to refuse any reenrollment application even if the former IBO has complied with the waiting periods of six months (The period of reenrollment).

3.5 suspension if any IBO breach this policies as described, Galaxy line has the right to suspended his position without previous notice for up to six month.

3.6 Succession. Upon the death or incapacitation of an IBO, all rights to the Position may be transferred to a successor as provided in the IBO registration form will or as otherwise ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction or other testamentary process, subject to approval by Galaxy Line. Within six months of the IBO death or incapacitation, the successor(s) must present verification of death or incapacitation and proof of their right of succession, such as a grant of probate or an enduring power of attorney. The successor must sign and submit a new Membership Application and Agreement and must, in all respects, qualify to enroll as an IBO and be bound by all current and future terms and conditions set forth in the Policies and Procedures and the Compensation Plan.

If the successor is already a Member, Galaxy line will allow the successor to hold both the existing and the inherited Positions If the Position is to be inherited by more than one successor, the successors should form a single-purpose business entity or a trust to hold the transferred Position. If there is no appropriate or qualified successor to provide responsible leadership and support to the organization, Galaxy Line may, at its sole discretion, offer to purchase the Position at a fair market value determined by Galaxy Line.

Section 4. Galaxy line Products

4.1 Purchasing Galaxy line Products. There is no requirement to enroll in the Compensation Plan or commit to a minimum order to purchase Galaxy line products. Retail Customers may purchase Galaxy Line products directly from E/P/IBO, either in person or by placing an order through an E/P/IBO replicated website.

E/P/IBO may purchase Galaxy Line products directly from Galaxy Line at a discount. IBO are also eligible to earn compensation pursuant to the Compensation Plan based on sales of Galaxy Line products to Retail Customers, E/P/IBO. Galaxy Line reserves the right to adjust the price of its products or services at any time. Although you are required to achieve certain levels of commissionable Volume (which may include retail sales) to earn compensation under the Compensation Plan, you are not required to purchase any Galaxy Line products

4.2 Inventory Purchases. The Galaxy Line Compensation Plan is based on sales of Galaxy Line products to end consumers. E/P/IBO may purchase only that amount of products that will be consumed or sold within a reasonable amount of time Galaxy Line prohibits any scheme to purchase products, either directly or through others, for the primary purpose of qualifying any Position for commissions or bonuses.

4.3 Payments and Payment Authorization. All orders must be accompanied by proper payment, including all applicable shipping and handling fees and sales taxes. We accept payment in various forms, including cashier’s checks, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, electronic checking, Galaxy line E-card and Galaxy Line card to the extent such payment methods are available. If paying by check, please allow three to five business days for your check to process. Orders will be shipped upon our actual receipt and clearance of payment.

4.4 Order Confirmations. For each order you place, an order confirmation email will be sent to your email address on file and the product will be shipped to the designated shipping address. It is your responsibility to ensure that Galaxy Line has your current email address and shipping address. Galaxy Line is not responsible for non-receipt of order confirmations due to invalid email addresses or non-delivery of product orders due to invalid or incorrect shipping addresses. Orders must be received by Galaxy Line before 11:59 p.m. Colorado Standard Time to ensure that they are counted toward the current day’s Business Volume. Standard orders will be shipped the following business day.

4.5 Resale of Products. You must be an E/P/IBO to purchase Galaxy Line products for resale. Retail Customers may purchase Galaxy Line products for their own use but may not resell Galaxy Line products to others. Galaxy Line products shall not be displayed or sold on a retail basis (including online auctions, retail websites, infomercials and television) except as follows: (1) through an Galaxy Line-approved Associate website; (2) in service-related and by-appointment businesses, where the primary source of income is from such services and not from product sales (for example, in salons, spas, offices, health clubs, and weight clinics); and (3) through any special program initiated and expressly approved by Galaxy Line. When marketing Galaxy Line products, you may use only Galaxy Line-produced or Galaxy Line-approved literature, banners, and signs. Galaxy Line strictly prohibits resale of Galaxy Line products in any jurisdiction where resale is not permitted.

4.6 Sales Tax. taxes is included in the products prices and bearing in mind the personal income will be paid individually.

4.7 Satisfaction Guarantee. For consumer only If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any Galaxy Line product that you have ordered, you may receive a full refund, credit, or an exchange if you return the product(s) and your proof of purchase within 30 days of the original invoice date to Galaxy Line, or to the applicable E/P/IBO if you purchased the product(s) directly from an E/P/IBO on a retail basis. Commissions previously paid for the sale of such products will be deducted from future commission payments to those who received such commissions. Marketing materials and other sales-aids are not returnable under this policy unless otherwise required by law. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable. Galaxy Line may consider accepting additional returns on a case-by-case basis, but reserves the right to deny any refund, credit, or exchange and/or cancel the Position of anyone who abuses this Satisfaction Guarantee. Please allow at least 30 days for any refund to be processed.

Section 5. Protecting Your Business

5.1 Anti-Manipulation. Galaxy Line encourages E/P/IBO to do their best to maximize their earnings under the Compensation Plan in a legal and ethical manner. To help ensure fairness and a level playing field for all E/P/IBO, any attempt to manipulate the Compensation Plan is strictly prohibited and is grounds for immediate corrective action, up to and including monetary fines and termination of the involved Position(s). Evidence of manipulation may include, but is not limited to the following:

Fictitious enrollments, including enrollments using false or incomplete contact information or identification, or information that cannot be verified using reasonable efforts. To obtain credit for a proper enrollment, it is the enroller’s responsibility to ensure that his or her enrollees provide accurate information to Galaxy Line.

Gratuitous enrollments, including widespread enrollments of individuals who have little or no interest in Galaxy Line., other than enrolling as a favor to a friend or family member or in exchange for some other benefit, such as free products or some other form of compensation.

Uninformed enrollments, including enrollments of individuals who were not aware of their enrollment or who claim to be involved with Galaxy Line. but who have little or no knowledge about what is going on in their business (indicating that their business is actually being managed by someone else).

Perfect stacking of enrollments, indicating a coordinated effort where one person or a small group of people strategically place enrollments in a way that benefits a few at the expense of everyone else.

Multiple E/P/IBOs using the same method of payment, the same shipping address, the same email address, the same phone number, or other indicators that Galaxy Line may consider from time to time.

The Compensation Plan is designed to provide long-term residual income and other benefits to those who devote the requisite time and effort. The policy set forth in this Section is designed to help protect those efforts. By vigorously enforcing this policy, Galaxy Line can help you attract strong business builders who play by the rules and who desire to build solid, sustainable businesses with a company that believes in protecting their business interests. We encourage you to report any suspected manipulative activities to the Compliance Department so that we can take steps to help protect Galaxy Line and its IBOs.

5.2 Income Claims. You understand and agree that you will not misrepresent the actual or potential income that may be earned under the Compensation Plan. Any representation about earnings must be based on documented facts, placed in the appropriate context, and accompanied by the appropriate disclosures, including the Earnings Disclaimer and the Galaxy Line Earnings Statement, both of which can be obtained in your position. It is your responsibility to include all relevant information to ensure that any representation you make is not misleading.

5.3 Product and Weight Loss Claims. When describing Galaxy Line products and your experience with Galaxy Line, including the use of testimonials, you understand and agree that you will only describe Galaxy Line products in a manner that is consistent with the product and weight loss claims contained in official Galaxy Line marketing materials or as otherwise approved in advance in writing by Galaxy Line. When making any approved product claim or weight loss claim, you agree to accompany the claim with any required disclaimers, copies of which can be obtained in your position. It is your responsibility to include all relevant information to ensure that any representation you make is not misleading. You understand and agree that you will not represent that any Galaxy Line product is intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any condition or disease.

Section 6. Trademarks, Advertising and Internet Usage

6.1 Galaxy Line Trademarks, Copyrighted Materials, and other Intellectual Property. Galaxy Line trademarks include the name Galaxy Line and all variations thereof, as well as the names of all Galaxy Line products and services and other marks as typically indicated by the use of the “™” or “®” symbols. Galaxy Line trademarks also may include various word combinations relating to Galaxy Line using the prefix “Gala”.

Galaxy Line may license the use of its intellectual property to E/P/IBO from time to time. However, you may not use “Galaxy Line” or any other Galaxy Line trademark, or any derivative or confusingly similar variation of an Galaxy Line trademark, or any of Galaxy Line’s copyrighted material or other intellectual property, without prior written approval from Galaxy Line. You agree to immediately transfer to Galaxy Line, upon Galaxy Line’s request, any internet domain name or other registration containing an Galaxy Line trademark. This provision shall survive the termination of your relationship with Galaxy Line.

6.2 Advertising. Galaxy Line provides sales tools and other materials that you can use to promote Galaxy Line products and the income opportunity. You may use certain other materials, provided that they are first reviewed and approved by Galaxy Line. All materials must be truthful and may not be misleading, and any statements about the benefits of Galaxy Line products or the Galaxy Line income opportunity must comply with all of the applicable laws and regulations in the jurisdiction where the materials are used.

6.3 Internet Usage. Galaxy Line encourages you to use the internet in a responsible manner to promote Galaxy Line products and your business. Galaxy Line provides useful tools and training materials to help you understand how to use the internet to promote Galaxy Line in an effective and socially acceptable manner. Specifically, you understand and agree that you will abide by all Galaxy Line Policies and Procedures and Guidance Documents relating to internet usage, as may be amended by Galaxy Line from time to time, and you will not make any exaggerated or misleading statements about Galaxy Line or its products or income opportunity, including through the use of videos, pictures, or other media.

Section 7. Enforcement of Policies

7.1 Remedies. To protect the integrity of the Galaxy Line culture and to maintain a level playing field for all Associates, the Compliance Department educates E/P/IBO about these policies and actively monitors the business building activities of all E/P/IBO to facilitate compliance with these policies. If an E/P/IBO violates these policies, including the Galaxy Line Code of Ethics, or engages in any unethical, illegal, fraudulent, or deceptive conduct, we may, at our sole discretion, take one or more of the following actions: issue a written advisory;

revoke recognition or invitation to an Galaxy Line event;

suspend or revoke access to special privileges, including executive reports, access to the position, and other privileges;

impose monetary fines or other penalties, which may be withheld from current or future commissions and/or bonus payments;

temporarily suspend commissions, bonuses, and other payments;

temporarily suspend or permanently terminate the E/P/IBO Position(s) and all rights thereto;

reassign all or part of the E/P/IBO’s marketing organization;

take any other corrective measures that are reasonable and appropriate under the circumstances.

You understand and agree that Galaxy Line has the right to withhold payment of all commissions and bonuses during the period that Galaxy Line is investigating any alleged misconduct. If an E/P/IBO's Position is terminated due to a breach preceding the investigation, the E/P/IBO will not be entitled to any commissions or bonuses withheld.

7.2 Field Relations Board. The Field Relations Board will review disputes, decisions, and disciplinary actions relating to E/P/IBO and their Galaxy Line businesses. All review requests must be submitted to the Compliance Department with any supporting information the Associate would like to have included in the review. All decisions of the Field Relations Board are final.

Section 8. Amendments

You understand and agree that, upon proper notification, Galaxy Line may, at its sole discretion, amend the Policies and Procedures, the Compensation Plan, the Guidance Documents, or any other agreements entered into between Galaxy Line and its E/P/IBO. You understand and agree that you will be bound by the most current versions of the Policies and Procedures, the Compensation Plan, and the Guidance Documents, including any updates or revisions since the date of your enrollment, upon each of the following: (a) completing the enrollment process to become an E/P/IBO ; (b) renewal of your annual membership; (c) each time you personally enroll a new E/P/IBO (d) each time you accept commissions or other payments under the Compensation Plan.

You will be bound by any amendments upon notification of the amendments through any Galaxy Line official channels of communication effective three days after the posting of such notice (except where a longer notice period is required by law, in which case such notice period applies). Those channels of communication include, but are not limited to, posting of information to the Galaxy Line website, e-mail to your Galaxy Line Mail account, notice to the email address on file, announcements in any official Galaxy Line newsletter or other publication, or mailed to you at the address on file.

Section 9. General Provisions

9.1 Scope, Applicability and Interpretation. These Policies and Procedures govern the relationship between Galaxy Line International, LLC or any of its affiliates (“Galaxy Line”) with any person or entity that holds an Galaxy Line Position. These Policies and Procedures are incorporated by reference into, and form part of, the Membership Application and Agreement, the terms of which you agreed to when you enrolled as an E/P/IBO. You understand and agree that Galaxy Line’s interpretations of these Policies & Procedures will be final and binding.

9.2 Compensation Plan and Guidance Documents Incorporated By Reference. The Compensation Plan and Guidance Documents, as published in your position, are incorporated by reference into these Policies and Procedures and you agree to be bound by the Compensation Plan and the Guidance Documents, as the same may be amended by Galaxy Line from time to time.

9.3 Consent to Use of Personal Information. You consent to the collection, storage, and lawful use by Galaxy Line and its affiliates of the personal information you provide to Galaxy Line. Galaxy Line and its affiliates may use this information in its marketing and promotional efforts, and to help facilitate communication among you and other Galaxy Line E/P/IBO. As specified in our Privacy Policy (, we never sell such information to third parties or mass marketers. We also may share information regarding your orders with certain E/P/IBO in your upline. You have the right to access and update your personal information at any time.

9.4 Consent to Receive Emails, Text Messages and other Communications. To receive messages regarding Galaxy Line products, services, the Galaxy Line income opportunity, and other topics that Galaxy Line believes may be of interest or benefit to you, you must consent to receiving such messages via the information you have provided. You may provide such consent or opt out when you enroll or at any other time through the position. You agree that your receipt of any such messages shall not be deemed a violation of any law or regulation.

9.5 Reporting and Resolving Errors. If you have any questions or believe there has been an error regarding commissions, bonuses, reports, orders or charges, you must notify Galaxy Line in writing within 30 days of the date of the purported error in question. Galaxy Line will not be responsible for errors, omissions or problems not so reported within 30 days.

9.6 Waiver. Galaxy Line never waives its right to insist on compliance with these provisions or with the applicable laws governing the conduct of a business. This is true in all cases, both specifically expressed and implied, unless an officer of Galaxy Line who is authorized to bind Galaxy Line in contracts or agreements specifies explicitly in writing that Galaxy Line waives any of these provisions. In addition, any time Galaxy Line approves a waiver of any provision, that approval is specific to the single occurrence, unless otherwise stated, and does not extend to future violations. This provision deals with the concept of “waiver”, and the parties agree that Galaxy Line does not waive any of its rights under any circumstances short of the written confirmation alluded to above.

9.7 Indemnification. You agree to indemnify and hold Galaxy Line, its officers, managers, directors, employees, beneficial owners, and agents harmless from any claim, damage, liability, or loss arising from any of your actions or inactions that violate these Policies and Procedures or the Guidance Documents.

You understand and agree that you are responsible for any verbal or written representations you make regarding Galaxy Line products and Compensation Plan, and you agree you will not make any unauthorized representations, express or implied, verbal or non-verbal. You agree to indemnify Galaxy Line and hold it harmless from any and all liability including judgments, civil penalties, refunds, attorneys’ fees, court or arbitration costs or lost business we incur as a result of any unauthorized representations that you make.

9.8 Exclusion of Damages. In no event shall any Galaxy Line officer, director, employee, affiliate, successor, or assignee be liable for any special, punitive, indirect, or consequential damages, for any claims or actions resulting from or arising out of these Policies and Procedures or any other agreement you have entered into with Galaxy Line, the functionality or operation of any website, or any acts or omissions of any Galaxy Line party, whether based on contract, tort (including negligence), strict liability, or any other cause of action.

9.9 Severability and Judicial Modification. If any portion of these Policies and Procedures, or any other agreement you have entered into with Galaxy Line, is deemed by any arbitrator or court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, it is the parties’ intent that the arbitrator or court shall strike or modify the applicable provision only to the extent necessary to make such provision enforceable, and enforce the provision as modified. In any event, the remainder of these Policies and Procedures and all other agreements shall remain in full force and effect.

9.10 Survival of Terms. You understand and agree that each of the provisions of these Policies and Procedures relating to confidentiality, non-solicitation, resale of products, arbitration, and other provisions as expressly stated herein will survive the termination of your relationship with Galaxy Line.

9.11 Arbitration and Governing Law. Any controversy or claim arising out of, or relating to, these Policies and Procedures, the Compensation Plan, or the Guidance Documents, or the breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association under its Commercial Arbitration Rules, and judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. If an E/P/IBO files a claim or counterclaim against Galaxy Line, he or she may only do so on an individual basis and not with any other individual or as part of a class action. You waive all rights to trial by jury or to any court. unless the laws of the jurisdiction where you reside expressly require the application of its laws, in which case the arbitration shall be held in the capital of that jurisdiction. There shall be one arbitrator, an attorney at law, who shall have expertise in business law transactions with a strong preference being an attorney knowledgeable in the direct selling industry. Each party to the arbitration shall be responsible for its own costs and expenses, including legal and filing fees; provided, however, that the arbitrator will have discretion to award legal fees and other costs to the prevailing party. The decision of the arbitrator shall be final and binding on the parties. This agreement to arbitrate shall survive any termination or expiration of your relationship with Galaxy Line.

This Section shall not apply to violations of the provisions herein relating to non-solicitation, confidential information and intellectual property, including but not limited to: selling Galaxy Line products on the internet, cyber squatting, registering Galaxy Line trademarks or confusingly similar domain names and producing Galaxy Line merchandise without authorization. Galaxy Line reserves the right to pursue all legal remedies in relation to these violations including full utilization of the judicial system.

Nothing in this Section prohibits Galaxy Line from obtaining a temporary injunction, preliminary injunction, permanent injunction or other relief available to safeguard and protect Galaxy Line’s interests prior to, during or following the filing of any arbitration or other proceeding, or pending the rendition of a decision or award in connection with an arbitration or other proceeding.

If the laws of any jurisdiction impose any requirement that is different from or in addition to those set forth in these Policies and Procedures, then these Policies and Procedures shall be deemed amended in conformance with those laws as to that jurisdiction only.

Section 10. Glossary

E/P/IBOs are independent contractors who have met and continue to meet the eligibility requirements set forth in these Policies and Procedures. E/P/IBOs may purchase Galaxy Line products at wholesale prices and are eligible to earn compensation under the Compensation Plan. Each time an E/P/IBO receives and accepts a commission or bonus payment, he or she reconfirms his or her agreement to abide by the Policies and Procedures as currently in effect and as may be amended from time to time.

E/P/IBOs Back Office is the online portal through which E/P/IBOs have access to information and tools helpful to operate their businesses.

Compensation Plan means the Galaxy Line Global Compensation Plan set forth in your Associate Back Office.

Customers are end consumers who purchase Galaxy Line products for their own personal use. Customers may purchase Galaxy Line products as Retail Customers, Wholesale Customers (as Galaxy Line E/P/IBOs).

Enrolling Sponsor is the person who is credited for personally enrolling an Associate or Customer. Enrolling Sponsors are eligible to earn a Product Introduction Bonus on the optional purchase of a Product Introduction Pak by their newly enrolled Associate or Customer.

Field Relations Board (“FRB”) is the Board responsible for reviewing all matters relating to compliance with the Policies and Procedures, including decisions made by the Field Relations Department. The FRB is comprised of at least 5 members, all of whom are Company employees and at least 3 of whom are members of the Company’s management team.

Guidance Documents are the Guidelines, FAQs and other documents that interpret, clarify, and provide additional detail with respect to these Policies and Procedures. The Guidance Documents, as updated from time to time, are considered part of these Policies and Procedures and can be found in the Associate Back Office.

Membership Application and Agreement is the document that each E/P/IBO is required to sign (either in person or online) in connection with his or her enrollment. By signing this document, each E/P/IBO agrees to be governed by these Policies and Procedures and the Guidance Documents. You indicate your acceptance of the terms of this agreement, including the current version of the Policies and Procedures, when you enroll, when you renew your membership, and each time you receive and accept a commission or bonus payment from Galaxy Line.

Non-Solicitation Period means the period during which you agree not to solicit Galaxy Line E/P/IBOs or Customers to join another business venture. The Non-Solicitation Period begins with your enrollment and does not end until one year after your relationship with Galaxy Line ends.

Position means the four business center held by E/P/IBO in the Compensation Plan for purposes of measuring and tracking product sales and allocating commission payments based on those product sales.

Commissionable Volume (“CV”) is the point value assigned to each commissionable product that is sold by an E/P/IBO to Retail Customers and to products purchased by the E/P/IBO as an end consumer. CV is used to track and measure product sales attributable to individual E/P/IBO.

Placement Sponsor is the person under whom an enrolling E/P/IBO is placed in the Compensation Plan. This person may also be the Enrolling Sponsor.

Policies and Procedures are the rules and regulations governing the conduct of E/P/IBOs with respect to their independent Galaxy Line businesses, including this document and the Guidance Documents, as may be amended by the Company from time to time.

Retail Customer is a customer who purchases Galaxy Line products directly from an Associate, either in person or through the E/P/IBOs replicated website.

Satisfaction Guarantee is the policy by which the Company agrees to give you a full refund, credit, or exchange if you are not completely satisfied with any Galaxy Line product that you have ordered, subject to the conditions set forth in Section 4.7.

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